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Default Re: "State you position on the Knicks" thread

I think at the end of the day, we need 2 stars to win. If we liked Amare as that guy, so be it. Go out, get two stars, and everyone else should be role players getting paid like role players. In today's NBA, you aren't winning with just one big time scorer. You need 2 now. We assumed Amare would be that guy and still can be. We know Melo can be that guy. From there, you get complimentary players. A pass first pg, knockdown shooters and a rugged center. Fill your bench with talented players. A mix of quality bench players and a solid coach. Thats it. From there, you expect your starts to play as such and your role players to do their jobs when called upon. Instead, we got Melo and Amare. Then instead of building around them, we got Chandler and paid him star money but he isn't. From there, we didn't use the rest of our money on sure thing at PG or SG. We spent a bunch money and none of it went to needs. I don't mind paying Novak, but do it AFTER you get a starting sg. Then we spent money on Kidd, a backup pg, before we even had our starting pg secure. Just a bunch of putting the cart before the horse.
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