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Default Re: NFL Offseason Thread (stuff that doesn't deserve own thread)

Originally Posted by Da KO King
So I'm downplaying the weed; are you not downplaying that he hasn't been a problem before or since. He was fine academically at both schools, never had any disciplinary issues outside of the weed, and has completed a drug rehab program. On top of all that the guy owned up to what happened prior to needing to. He wasn't a prospect who had his dirty laundry aired then try to make amends with NFL suits. Gordon actually put himself out there, when Baylor said Gordon was suspended for football reason he took it on himself to say publicly it was weed and he was seeking help.

Based on Gordon having 42 catches and 7 TDs in his sophmore season compared to Hill having 49 catches and 9 TDs for his entire Tech career. Based on the fact that Gordon can do something other than run "go" routes. Based on the fact that whenever Stephen Hill comes up as a prospect the ONLY positives that get mentioned are run blocking and physical/athletic skills.

If Stephen Hill becomes what he's projected to be in the NFL it will be the greatest player development and coaching effort the league has ever seen. The guy went from having a 3rd/4th round grade to a 1st/2nd based entirely on having a great combine.
While I agree with all of your points, I think it's unfair to put any stock into Hill's receiving stats at Georgia Tech, seeing how they rarely ever throw the ball in that offense.
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