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Default Re: Fields is a Raptor

Originally Posted by Legends66NBA7
After thinking about it, Fields is still very young and definitely has some up-side to show.

He did have an off year with the Knicks last year, but remember, it was his second year and it was a lockout year. I think it may have effected his rhythm, conditioning, etc...

Let's just hope something pans out from him, at least rebound and play defense for this team.

I think he'll have a much more productive season this year. He may not be worth the contract he was given, but I still think there is plenty of potential, much more than JJ.

That knicks team is disastrous to a player such as Fields. Melo stunted all his growth he had shown in his rookie season. The change of scenery along with a more team oriented style of play will benefit Fields, and I really think there is talent there, assuming he can find his shooting stroke from his rookie season.

He might be a downgrade defensively from JJ (although I don't think it is that big a difference), but on the offensive end, he plays within himself and doesn't try to do too much.
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