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Default Re: Post your Goals for the Summer

Originally Posted by C_lake2802
2. The Shammgod for its very effective for me when you don't over-emphasized the move. Plenty of times guys try it on me and i can just tell when the move it because of how hard the try to sell it. 0:37 mark. This to me is the perfect way to do it.

Great example of it. It's much better when you are already driving. From the standstill dribble it's worthless unless you are an elite ballhandler.

I've used it on the break as I get to the 3-PT line and I have my defender backing up. I'm driving hard left , my defender is already slightly opened up, Shammgod across his left front foot, finish at the rim with my right. It works purely because your defender isn't expecting it. If you are doing it on the move, it's a lot easier to get your defender to bite at all.
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