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Default Re: "State you position on the Knicks" thread

Originally Posted by Rameek
impossible buying every single player.
I said I agreed with signing Melo and Amare. How is two players everybody? When did I EVER EEEEEEEVVVER EVER EVER say I agreed with the Tyson Chandler signing?

Look, I don't know how I can I be any more clear, but let me make this 100% clear, once and for all, for the record. These are the moves I was ok with:

The Melo trade
Drafting Shumpert (even though I wanted Brooks)
Signing Amare (which the verdict is still out on)
Re-signing Felton for cheap
Bringing back JR for cheap

That's IT!

Where did this notion that I like the Knicks moves come from lol?
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