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Default Re: "State you position on the Knicks" thread

Originally Posted by knickscity
I'm sorry, but you can't complain about a 3 mil signing if you're perfectly fine with two max cats that are not top 10 in the league.

The issue is squarely at the top and that truly affects the bottom.

I honestly have very little issue with what the team has to do to make themselves competitive.

My only issue is I want them to attempt with honesty, make "THE MOVE", the game changer.

Acquiring a player who wanted to be here is way too easy.

Either show the money or fork over whatever the other team wants.

All you need is someone who knows cap structure and the cba, the rest anyone on this board could have done.

Well, first of all, I think Melo is a top 10 player in this league. Secondly, Melo n Amare are perennial allstars. Its really no comparison. Get players that can play! Period! If we go over the cap, so be it. But if you do, it better be worth it. The verdict is still out on Amare. After this year, if hes still on his BS, he goes on my sh*t list too!
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