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Default Re: Raymond Felton officially back with Knicks

Originally Posted by Clutch
Amare played much better with Felton than he did with Lin. Who knows,maybe Amare can resurrect with Felton running the point.
I doubt it. Melo and Amar'e occupy the exact same space on the floor. Mid-post, turn-and-face is their bread and butter. You can't iso them both three feet away from one another and you can't run high pick-and-rolls when the small forward and the center are both in the paint. And none of the three can pass to one another. And lets not forget that Ray Felton actually lacks quite a few basic point guard fundamentals. It took him months to figure out how to run basic pick-and-rolls the last time he was here, and even then they were sloppy as hell on his end. Amar'e actually doesn't get enough credit for some of the crap he had to work with in making that team look good.

The Knicks are more of a mess than most of us would care to admit.

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