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Default Re: Will Anyone Go After Chris Andersen?

I love the Birdman. He's perfect for 15 mpg off the bench for any team.

I don't expect him in NY. We have Camby and Thomas already. I'd take him because at the minimum it's pretty good value and insurance... but he'll go elsewhere and actually play.

Boston, Minnesotta, Miami and both LA teams make sense. Brooklyn is actually perfect as much as I'd hate to see him there. The biggest mistake a team will make is trying to play him over 15 mpg. His best year was when he came back with Denver and had a very specific role. The next year after he got his big contract he put on a lot of weight (muscle), was constantly injured, played too many minutes and was just out of it with constant fatigue.

He seems like a great guy. He was apparently very generous with charity and seemed like a good teammate. Just because some crazy girl tried F##k him over doesn't mean he did anything wrong and he shouldn't be judged for something he didn't do.
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