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Default Re: Grade your team's offseason

I'll give the Jets a solid B-. They added some much needed safety depth and talent. Landry is pretty damn good when healthy, but I know he'll probably get injured sooner or later. But they also signed Yeremiah Bell and drafted 2 safety's, so they have more talent and depth at that position than they have had in the last few years.

As far as the draft goes, I kind of like the Coples pick. He definitely has the talent, Rex just needs to make sure he always plays hard and doesn't take plays off. In fact, I really like the D-line as a whole. Pouha, Coples, Wilkerson, and Devito should make for a pretty killer line. There's also a lot of depth at that position as well. But the pick I really loved was Stephen Hill. He's probably a little bit raw, but he's big, strong, and fast as hell. He should make for a good deep threat.

It's about time they let Schotty go, but we're still stuck with Wayne Hunter. And we're kind of thin at RB. Shonn Greene is okay, but they want to be a ground and pound team that gets a shitload of rushing yards, so I just wish we had more talent at the position. And we don't really have a great 3rd down back since Tomlinson retired.

But the roster looks better than last year. More speed, talent and athleticism. I'd say Tannenbaum put them in position to win somewhere between 7 and 10 games. Maybe 11 wins if they overachieve.
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