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Default Re: Lin agrees to terms with the Houston Rockets

Originally Posted by Rameek
didnt see the stock drop this much in 2 days.... but could be much ado about nothin... not even being sarcastic.

just to be clear the original deal was pallatable but the new one wasnt.

he had to go do his money.

It's hilarious to see so many people crying and complaining and whining about losing this kid. I liked the story as much as the next guy but one thing bothers me. Where was all the fuss and outrage and 11k signatures on petitions when Mark Jackson got traded? He was Rookie of the Year and had crazy chemistry with Pat Ewing.

End of the day, like you said, he had to go get his dough and we had to do what was best for us. I just find is disgusting and shameful that the hacks at ESPN are trying to make it more than that.
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