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Default Re: Dwight to LA?

Originally Posted by magicmanfan
thanks, very nice dream at this point... but even with Bynum, that's
a nice starting 5!!!
Agree to a certain extent coz with Bynum (imo) our starting lineup would then have to rely heavily on little Stevie Nash to be our savoir and difference maker from a year ago. True that Nash will put everyone in their natural respected positions and spread the floor with pick n rolls especially (the pick & pop's} "with Gasol" therefore will make everyone else around him that much better eliminating a stagnant Lakers offense from a year ago with the ball just dying in Kobe's hands. Now with D-Ho added will make up for the deficiencies of Nash on defense and erasing the mistakes as a team in general. D-Ho is more reliable,efficient, consistent and a formidable shot blocker then drew and pose's a threat on offensive and most importantly strikes fear in the opponents eyes defensively! Thank God Dwight-mare is on the verge of ending.
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