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Default Re: Your Daily Dez: Bryant charged with domestic violence

I'll hop in here since I'm probably the only person who has actually talked with/knows Dez Bryant to an extent.

I graduated from Oklahoma State a year ago and got to know a lot of the football/hoops players that were on our teams through class or the student recreation center.

I had the chance to talk to Dez a couple of times and honestly this is how he came across to me.

1. Nice
2. Not super intelligent

Nice because a lot of athletes act big headed or snobby, but Dez was friendly to everyone in the community. He should have been, he was a hero around here. But Dez was always humble and a "yes ma'am, no sir" type of guy.

I say not intelligent, because I asked him one time if he thought the opener against Georgia would be as tough of a game as Colt McCoy's Texas Longhorns and he responded with a "well, man...uhh...they's definitely different. but..uhh..yaaa..." type of response with a bit of puzzled look on his face.

But he never came across as aggressive, thuggy, snobby, or anything like that. I really feel bad for Dez. I bet his mom is off the hook, kinda like LeBrons.

I met a lot of doucehbags that were on our teams, Dez never struck me as the kind. Hope all this clears up and he can keep his head in football, he is a really good player.
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