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Default Re: Knicks Summer League Roster

Originally Posted by Scoooter
I said 230's. That could be 239. Bill Russell used to play at, like, 218. Amar'e isn't even really 6'10", he measured under 6'9" when he was drafted. You don't need bulk to hoop. Amar'e needs to keep pressure off of his joints and back.

And don't even get me started on Melo.

Bill Russell would get killed in today's NBA lol But I did misread your reply. And Amare isn't 6'9". His doctor actually said that after hs posture exercises last year, he measures as 6'11". He was 6'8.5" barefoot coming out of HS. Not out of the realm of possibility that he grew an inch. Remember, the heights they post on and stuff are heights in sneakers. Bill Russell isn't 6'9" barefoot.
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