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Default Re: Off-Topic(Anything non-Knicks related) Respectful Of Course!!

Originally Posted by Clutch
That idiot was probably an isolated incident but you can never be too careful.
Take care of yourself big guy

Shiiiiiiit. If I had a gun and Knickscity was around. I'd hand it over like "here you go sir" and handcuff myself. Knickscity is Bro-bo cop lol j/k

Yeah, the city isn't taking any chances on copycats.

From what I'm hearing, alot of other cities are beefing up their watch as well.

Dude is gonna survive long in jail, I'm positive of that.

Yea I'm sure of that too. He'll probably be isolated from Gen Pop. SOB. Soaking up tax payer dollars.

Prison isn't somewhere I want to go but it sure seems like it's gotten a hell of a lot better. My cousin requested me to be a friend on facebook from prison. And he robbed banks lol

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