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Default Re: Off-Topic(Anything non-Knicks related) Respectful Of Course!!

This story really hit me.

I was planning on catching the premier of Dark Knight tonight, but now I'm probably not gonna go check it out for awhile. You're going to have people even more paranoid about the folks who come into the theatre in the middle of the movie. Shit I know I will. I'm always on the lookout for folks who look strange and truthfully it is not hard to identify the guys who are loners/weirdos/etc. I guess its that inner city upbringing where you have that eye for something suspicious because its a survival tactic.

But this is just terribe. I wasn't even thinking about the exact details about how it happened but I saw someone mention that most of the people who got shot/killed were trapped because they were sitting in the back of the theatre smh. I had always sat in the back of the theatre even when I was little and never thought that once you go back there that you're essentially "stuck" there.

Not trying to depress you guys but here is the Twitter timeline of one of the victims.

Its crazy how life can be. You here one day and gone the next.
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