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Default Re: Bulls FO making Orlando's look like geniuses.

I'll take Hinrich over Watson anyday, in fact, I was pissed when he left. Derrick still says that hinrich gave him hell during practice and that defense, so I'll gladly take him over Watson who really regressed last year and became a shot jacking moron.

Butler is already showing to be better than Brewer. Just as good defense, actually has an offensive game, and has leadership qualities.

If Teague can become anything like his brother (which I definitely think he will), then he's good in my book.

The only loss IMO is Korver, but at the same time, we had to do it, especially if we are trying to keep Gibson next year, who is literally the life and soul of the bench mob. But Korver was so inconsistent, he won't be THAT hard to replace, some who can drop a 3 everynow and then is doable. Hell, Deng was just as good a 3 point shooter as Korver last year.
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