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Default Re: Bulls FO making Orlando's look like geniuses.

How can we replace Butler, with Butler? We had him to begin with.

We moan and scream that this team has been too much like other franchises that can't piece together good draft picks the way the Spurs are able to, nearly every year. Now that we have something going with our scouting and drafting, don't bitch about it. The draft picks are the least of our concerns, and the last players we need to be throwing under the bus, or the last area anyone should be crying about, when it comes to how the FO has handled our futures.

Now, the inability to bring in big names, that is a VALID concern. But the rest, the 12-13th man roster fills for MINIMUM contracts... that is NOT broken, we are doing that part 100% right, although not 100% perfect.

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