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Default Re: Bulls FO making Orlando's look like geniuses.

The guys we are bringing in are worth the value of their contracts and at the same time are just as good if not better than the guys we let go.

Korver, Watson and Brewer were all overpaid.

The combination of Hinrich and Teague is better than Watson.

Butler has improved to the point where he can easily replace Brewer.

Korver's shooting currently will be missed, but we aren't done making moves. If the rumor of a deal being close to done with Belinelli than that'll fill that void. At the same time Belinelli is almost just as good of a shooter as Korver but is a better ball handler, can create for himself and is a better passer.

Asik will be missed if we don't match, but I would hope we as fans would understand not matching that crazy offer sheet.

It's frustrating, but at the same time we're saving money (considerably) while still remaining just as competitive if not improving by getting younger and more athletic.

We're making moves now with the idea to have more flexibility to make significant moves in near future.

We don't want to restrict our financial flexibility going further to bring in overpriced role players that won't make the difference anyway.

Would you rather Asik, Korver, Brewer and Watson making approximately $17 million or

Hinrich, Teague, Radmonovich and whoever else we add making half of that if not less?
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