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Default Re: Antawn Jamison probably signing with Lakers

Originally Posted by dd24
I think OKC's speed is over rated, especially when it comes to the playoffs. Playoff basketball is more of a half court game. I don't expect Nash to d up Westbrook. Nash can't guard anybody anyhow, and nobody in the league stops down Westbrook. Durant will obviously get his too. It's just stopping the rest of them, which is totally possible. One of those games they lost by 2 points. Another was 3 points. I think Nash makes a 2-3 point difference.

This is very well thought out. The one thing that surprised me about the finals, were not the two teams who made it, because this was many people's prediction. The style of play from Miami completely surprised me.

I was under the impression that the scores would inflate because of the athleticism, and that it would be an undisciplined style of basketball.

Miami learned the half court game, and the thunder could not stop lebron, whether he was running, or posting up like a power forward.

The thunder are explosive, and rely too much on their explosiveness. They couldn't win with that style anymore. This is something that can take a while for them to master. "Winning ugly" is one of the things that comes to my mind, and mentioned by laker loved, lamar odom.
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