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Default Re: Bulls FO making Orlando's look like geniuses.

It is what it is. Rose will be out most of the year, and when back, will only be a shell of himself for the remainder of next season.

This is the Bulls opening up opportunities for when Rose will be 100% again. Why go into the luxury tax for Brewer, Korver, Asik, and Watson anyway? That'd be even worse if you ask me. The previous team couldn't get it done against the Heat in the ECF, also failed in the play-offs against the lesser Sixers without Rose...this is smart. It's frustrating as mentioned, very. Necessary? Most definitely.

Things go to shit. That's life, and sports. We need to be more worried about D-Rose getting back to where he was and the FO putting a team that can win it all around him at that time, not next season. We will not win a damn thing without him.
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