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Post Re: Bulls FO making Orlando's look like geniuses.

Originally Posted by Crystallas
Now, the inability to bring in big names, that is a VALID concern. But the rest, the 12-13th man roster fills for MINIMUM contracts... that is NOT broken, we are doing that part 100% right, although not 100% perfect.

In order to bring in big names, you need to have success in the playoffs. The Bulls don't have that yet, so we shouldn't expect to sign guys out from under the Celtics, Heat, Spurs, Lakers, etc...

And like you said, this season won't be very good with Rose out/recovering, so why go into the tax when we don't have a shot at winning it all? They are bringing on min contracts (except for Kirk) and keeping them short, so we will have roster spots open next year when everyone is healthy and we have some selling points for free agents.
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