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Originally Posted by HHT Music
This trade is OK but I really felt that the Bulls should have tried to get Wilcox who is young and averaged more than 14 per last year with Seattle. I know they were concerned with getting Tyson's remaining years off the books but I think that they could've gotten more than Brown who is at the end of his career and Smith who has never progressed in the NBA. Now we'll have to just see what happens and none the less I am glad that Tyson is gone. He didn't deserve no 60 million anyway. Do you think we are done making deals or will we still try to get a bigger veteran scoring guard?

Thats the point PJ Brown while at the end is still solid. He helped the Hornets last season. Also doesnt his deal come off the book at the seasons end? You then take the cap space created from the trade and sign a better talent in free agency. Chicago is gonna be a hot spot for players wanting to win.

You get Wilcox and what happens to Tyrus Thomas? Wilcox will want to get paid. You cant toss him the bucks then expect your high draft pick to progress with a guy in front of him making made money. Eh
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