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Default Re: Seriously, WTF is the problem here?

Originally Posted by Tenchi Ryu
People have been pissy and mad at the GMs, but they have REALLY pulled a rabbit out of the hat this postseason considering what they had to work with.

Boozer/Gibson/Thomas(possible and likely signing)

Compare that to

This new squad is easily better, and people are upset about what? No big signings? WTF? Rose just injured himself and ain't coming back next season, we broke as hell, no good trading pieces, and people expect us to get big signings?

If anything, we just improved our entire team WHILE saving money, and people want to complain....

Hey you forgot about the signing of Vladimir Radmonovic a 6'10" forward that shoots mostly from long range. Not that V. Rad is such a big deal lol, but this team with a healthy Rose is not that bad. The big problem is that Rose will be out until March. So if guys don't step up their games especially Boozer it could be a long tough season for the Bulls. We'll see what happens, anything above a fifth seed finish would be a bonus at this point. Hopefully this team will surprise us in a good way.
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