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Default Re: Seriously, WTF is the problem here?

Corpse of Hinrich < Watson. Arguably equal if ever. If hinrich can get back to form then sure, but for the past 2 seasons, Hinrich has been meh; at least with Atlanta.

Belinelli < Korver as a shooter. Belinelli does some other things though besides shoot, but Korver has been learning to play defense. something that Belinelli would probably take longer

Butler ? Brewer. Could go either way, depending if you put much stock into summer league play. Brewer is the better defender until proven otherwise; although his jumpshot was a sorry sight to see.

you seriously can't be putting in stock into Thomas making the team can't you?

Nazr<<Asik. Say what you want about Nazr having hands, and can hit a midrange shot. But, he won't impact the game as well as Asik can.

I like that they loaded on 3 point shooters, but I bet you Thibs is having a fit now; A lot of the guys we got are defensive blackholes, so let's see.

P.S. the previous bench mob already had chemistry. This new group remains to be seen. And also the 3 bigs better stay healthy all year long.

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