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Default Re: Seriously, WTF is the problem here?

Watson regressed as well imo. He use to be a Rose lite, able to cut the defense, but became a shot jacking idiot the second half of the year. Give me Hinrich over him anyday, who's a better passer, facilitator, defender and overall leader. Gibson was basically begging Chicago to bring him back in an interview.

Summer League or no Summer league, I refuse to believe that Ronnie brewer would average 20 points in the same league. Butler has evolved into a better leader and a smarter player than Brewer. Now don't get me wrong, I love Chicago's Brew, and if I could choose anyone to stay, it would be him. But it literally makes no sense to keep him when we have a player who can do everything he can plus more for cheaper.

Korver was as hot and cold as its humanly possible. One set of games, he was a scrub who was worthless. The next set, he was god in perimeter shooting form. Belinelli might not be as a good a shooter, but he's still an overall better player. Korver did get better on Defense, but he would still make boneheaded plays at times. And it helps Coach Monty said Belinelli was one of the hardest workers on his team, Thibs will love that. If he could turn Korver's defensive black hole into something resembling a defensive player, he can do the same for damn near anyone.

As far as Asik, he was really disappointing for me last year, and was nothing compared to 2011 imo. He literally did nothing but turn the ball over, racked up on fouls that weren't even hard enough, and couldn't put the ball in the basketball to save his life. Even with all that, he's still a damn good player to have on your team coming off the bench, but that Houston price was retarded, no way in hell we should have paid that. Mohammed might not be as good defensively, but he's a big body who we can stick in the paint who can actually score, so it will work out. You have to also remember that the East is literally so weak at the C, Thibs at times last year put in BOOZER, yes BOOZER, at Center position with Gibson also in at PF, and that actually worked. I expect to see more of that next year.

And with a leader like our Rose, chemistry is very easy to gain between teammates since they follow him, a hardworking humble individual who believes in teammwork and good ole hard work, not making superteams.

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