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Default Re: Sonics items you own?

Originally Posted by JellyBean
I have the 1979 Championship Banner (Thank you Ebay).

1. Gus Williams jersey
2. Dennis Johnson jersey
3. Seattle license plate
4. Sonics hat
5. Media guides from 1981 to the present (my wife wants me to ditch them...aint happening)
6. 1979 championship coffee mug ( I don't even drink coffee)
7. Ray Allen jersey
8. Jack Sikma t-shirt
9. Lonnie Shelton photo (God, I wish that I could have gotten this thing signed).
10. Over 300 Sonics basketball cards (1980-2004).

That is it. And what is this I hear about my Sonics leaving the Seattle area? Please, keep the Sonics in Seattle.

Wow great collection. I use to have an authentic alternate Ray Allen jersey but was fake and too big so i sold it. And i use to have an authentic and screen printed Gary Payton away sonics jersey but sold them so i can pay for rent.
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