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Default Re: Knicks need 1 more big, who is available?

First of all, It was a SUGGESTION! Second of all, I think you guys underestimate the power of playing for a contract. Much like Ronnie Brewer, I think he'd play his hardest because he'd be auditioning for another team. Look, as someone who knows a lot about that Wizards locker room, I'll be the first to say, he should have been gone WAY before Nick and JaVale. He was the ring leader on the immaturity bandwagon. BUT, I will also say, Flip lost that locker room loooong ago (to very little fault of his own) and the only real powerful personality there that commanded respect is Sam Cassell. I said that to say this. You give the guy a non-guaranteed deal, or maybe even just a workout. You sit down with him AND his agent. You make them 100% clear that there's no mystery why he's gone in Washington and that the MOMENT he gives anything except maximum effort and focus on AND off the court, you will personally make sure he never gets another big pay day for the rest of his career. I think Mike Woodson can whip that dude in shape along with the leaders we acquired.

Kenyon Martin would be a really good pickup. He blocks shots and he cn hit a 15 footer.

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