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Default Fantasy Football: Ray Rice or Arian Foster

Who do you think will be the better fantasy running back this season and why?

Arian Foster is playing on a team with one of the best offensive lines in football and one that runs the football more then almost any other team the NFL. He's a monster running the ball but he has some cons.

First, he is definitely injury prone. He missed significant time last season. Also he is not the only legit option his team has at RB. Ben Tate will take some snaps away from him and may even start some games if the Texans clinch a play-off spot early or Foster is aching.

Ray Rice on the other hand is heavily involved in his offense not only rushing the ball but receiving as well. I can't remember the last time he was seriously injured and missed time. Maybe it's never happened? Sure his team doesn't run the ball as much but IMO I think he's a much safer pick than Foster.

Who do you guys take and why?
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