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I'd do that trade in a heartbeat. I want Sam gone. I'm tired of the potential argument. How many years is he gonna have potential and be the same exact player? Except now, he's the same player getting 10 million a year. He has no basketball IQ, zero none. His offensive game is limited to dunks(which he misses far too many of)and an awkward jumpshot that if it goes in on occasion but also draws air or nothing but backboard more often than not, because every jumper he takes is a fadeaway whether he's guarded or not. He has horrible hands and is more often than not, not paying attention and has taken the ball off his head on multiple occasions. He's a horrible defensive player, he doesn't box out so his rebounding numbers are misleading because his man usually dominates the offensive glass. He has no idea how to defend the pick and roll or rotate properly. He tries to block everything and which leads to his numerous goaltends. But Sam thinks blocks equal defense, which is why he flexes for the camera after a block while his man picks up the ball and lays it in. Combine that with his amazing knack for picking up a foul every other possesion and I think there is plenty of reason to get rid of him. That's not even getting into the numerous reports of his bad attitude and piss poor work ethic. And he didn't get the minutes at the end of the season because Steven Hunter, who had every right to come back and have a bad attitude, thoroughly outplayed him.
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