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Default Re: Official Pro Wrestling Thread

Originally Posted by blacknapalm
^ hall was excellent at selling. he sold that stunner like a boss

anyway, ok raw. steph still looks fine, actually think she lost some weight...maybe a bit too much. my fav part was apa/lita. punk turned heel!

don't know about aj becoming GM. why? also, they're making lesnar out to be a bitch which i don't understand.

too bad there was no stone cold. i was actually thinking he'd come out dressed as a ref when the first ref got knocked out and screw punk. that would lead to punk vs. austin for his final match....but no dice.

punk vs rock should be interesting. show vs. cena? not so much. i don't get why show is still in the main event picture.....

Brock Lesnar needs to destroy Triple H. Lesnar needs to become a credible Monster Heel.
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