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Default Re: PED's in the nba

Originally Posted by RoundMoundOfReb
Olympians undergo random year round testing, I believe. So i doubt use of steroids is THAT bad in the NBA.
You can't be serious can you? The dopers have been and always will be ahead of the testers. Do you know anything about the BALCO scandal? As soon as there is a test for a specific drug, a new designer drug is created or a masking agent is used to throw off the testers. Do you realize that until recently there wasn't even a way to test if someone was using HGH? Think about that for a moment. When you know the guy who is competing with you for your job is or may be taking HGH and you can't even get tested for you and not doing it could cost you literally millions of dollars, why would you not do it? You must not follow olympic sports in any way because people are busted all the time. Just this week the Silver medalist in the discus from 2004 from Hungary refused his drug test and was banned from the Olympics. He joins the 2004 gold medalist also from Hungary who is banned for PEDs. I know firsthand from people who play these sports, what do you know? You choose to be naive and think that this isn't happening in basketball for some reason. Well it is happening just as it happens in all sports. You must be very young.
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