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Default Re: Sun - Hornets - Wolves deal in trouble?

I wonder if any of these 3 teams could approach Toronto to make the deal fit a'la Jose Calderon.
Extremely doubtful.
I would presume "Steve Nash lite" for a year in the dessert would be good for he Suns
Why would it be good for the Suns? They just gave Dragic that 4 year 30 mill deal which essentially handed over the reigns to the team to him. They have no incentive whatsoever to trade assets or draft picks to pick up Calderon for a year.

Equally NO could use Jose very strong skills with a rookie team and Ausitn Rivers as their primary option.
NO has even LESS of an incentive than PHX to pick up a 1 year rental Calderon for 9 mill. NO has next to nothing on the books for next season, and they definitely won't be trying to win anything. This season will be primarily about giving Rivers and Davis a ton of burn like how OKC did with it's young guys early on. Then for next season to either get another good guy through the draft, or through free agency, or both. I don't see how Toronto fits into either equation.
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