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Default Re: Official Pro Wrestling Thread

Originally Posted by B-Low
WWE's strategy for dealing with heels:

Step 1 - Turn a wrestler heel because they aren't getting a good enough reaction as a lame cookie cutter face (Truth, Punk a couple years back, Orton)

Step 2 - Wrestler gets over with their heel persona and some fans start cheering them (Punk last year vs. Cena, Truth after heel turn, Orton when he became insane, Ziggler now as the cocky heel, Daniel Bryan with his "YES!")

Step 3 - WWE sees that they're getting cheered and completely ruins them by making them back into cookie cutter faces who make poop jokes, call people bullies and only care about "the WWE Universe!!!!"

I'm honestly amazed that Bryan hasn't been turned back face yet with how over his Yes chants have gotten
ziggler is a face?
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