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Default Re: So, will Kentucky dominate college ball for the foreseeable future?

Hope so. Really do. Purdue can rack up some really good classes like they have been the next couple years, let em grow, build continuity, blah blah blah, but they're not winning a title.

And that's honestly fine with me. Looking at it completely selfishly, like every fan that doesn't root for maybe 4/5 schools should, GOOD. Most of the regular posters here are fans/alumni of big conference schools. Don't knock Calipari and UK for just taking advantage of the system. It's an "amateur" basketball problem, not NCAA.

You're 18, you're a legal adult. There's absolutely no reason for players not to be eligible once they hit 18 other than NBA GMs being punk asses that don't trust their staff's evaluations.

The AAU culutre of prep hoops is an entirely different animal and I'm not about to pretend I know how to legitimately "fix" it. But divorcing big money athletics from college athletics is a good start. 15 year old actors can drop out of school and get tutored on set in a trailer and no one cares. Why can't there be a structured, fully sanctioned Euro style minor league? Morally gross? You bet. But anymore than it already is?

It all boils down to, for me, let these kids make money for themselves. Everyone else is. There's an entire industry built on watching high school sophomores. Grown men make a living telling us how good they think 15 year olds are. That disgusts you less than the actual 15 year old making a couple grand a month to pay his mom's light bill? Take the kid gloves off. The industry of basketball doesn't treat these kids as children until it comes time to compensate them.

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