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Default Re: So, will Kentucky dominate college ball for the foreseeable future?

Originally Posted by wang4three
I'm ok with paying players as long as they're not using tax payer or tuition fees. I can't justify paying players salaries when academics are being sacrificed just to do that. It doesn't serve the greater good.

And the NBA needs to get the age minimum back to 18. It's egregious how they're using college as a weed out system.
Completely agreed.

Which is why NCAA basketball needs to stop being the de facto minor league for the NBA and the NFL. ESPECIALLY the NFL, but that's a different thread. There needs to be legitimate minor leagues for both. Starting whenever the kid's parents want to sign the contract. The only way you can be against is either you're so disillusioned to think AAU tourneys will basically become minor leagues, which they won't, there'd be maybe 15 kids a year. And their entire future is predicated on basketball anyway, stop kidding yourselves thinking the majority of scholarship athlets are in it for the education.I'm talking about NBA sanctioned academies, just like the Euroleague.

"Amateur basketball" is clearly a huge business. It's far past time to make it an above board one. A kid doesn't succeed at it? Tough. Same way he doesn't succeed spending 65% of his time out of a classroom getting that "Organizational Leadership degree." A lot of people are honestly just kidding themselves.
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