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Default Re: Where do we stand?

I think the Knicks should be playoff bound based on the inadequacies of other teams but not by the Knicks on merit/talent.

Nothing that the knicks have done gives me the confidence they are better than an 8th seed at this point. Nothing acquired or subtracted has significantly put the knicks in a better position for success. Basically its a sideways summer that has to be proven on the court its better.

The reason being, I dont think this coaching staff is smart enough or quality enough to solve the biggest issue on the knicks which is how can Melo and Stat can play together where they influence the game on both ends of the floor. Also, its hard to say that players are going to be better from last year to this year.

This is only a primilary assessment though. Lets see what happens to teams as rosters gets finalized and they get into camps.

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