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Default Re: Is Michael Jordan the unanimous G.O.A.T on ISH?

Originally Posted by Story Up
Magic to me, then Kareem, then Russell.
**** Jordan, overrated commercialized piece of shit. If it wasn't for digitalized era where you see his face everywhere he wouldn't be so highly praised. Top five easy, but undisputed best? ****ing joke and a half. Magic could take 4 other scrubs and make that team better then Jordan could.

Dude, shut up. Magic's punk ass was afraid to even attempt leading a team of scrubs anywhere, Mr. "I'm not coming to the League, unless I get to play with Kareem, wah!!". Even Kobe had more balls than that "Grinning, Baffoon Stereotype, Step and Fetch" talking moron, who didn't even have decency enough to look his teammates in the eye when he passed them the ball.

(I guess that's how you do it, right?)
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