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Default Re: Is Michael Jordan the unanimous G.O.A.T on ISH?

Yes, and not just because of his impeccable resume but because he took the NBA brand to another level. Magic and Bird may have saved the league but Jordan made the league what it is today. To be able to do that and win as much as he did is nothing short of miraculous. Let's also not forget what type of precedents that Jordan set by three-peating twice (something Magic/Kareem/Bird/etc could even do once) and also by winning consecutive FMVP/championships as a scoring leader and by willing his team to victory as a freaking shooting guard.

That has rarely been duplicated since and when it has (kobe00-02, Wade06) the SGs had extremely dominant centers to back them up. Jordan had cartwright and longely .

Love when all the basketball purists bring up how big men impact the game on so many more levels than guards yet refuse to point out the greater degree of difficulty that guards face when leading their teams to championships as compared to big men. Even freaking Dwight Howard could lead his team to a finals berth.
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