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Default Re: Lakers switching to Princeton Offense in '12-'13

Originally Posted by tamaraw08
I love it when you are being more objective about a certain strategy, esp when you reserve your judgement before they actually execute on the floor.
I prefer this kind of informative posts rather than just simply calling certain guys idiot, stupid etc.

Thank you.....however, do you NOW realize that Brown has no clue about offense.
Guys kept saying that because of the lockout he didn't have time to implement HIS offense......well the truth is that he never actually had an offense or he'd be using it this season and not searching for something. He never had an offense in Cleveland either. You guys should have been listening to me, I have been 100% correct about him. Brown has no business being the head coach of any NBA a basketball coach he is exactly what I called him....every bad name.
His assistants (several) have abandoned him for other jobs....they probably know he'll get fired during the season. I HOPE

Even Brown's so called defense is not his own system and is very highly overrated. America/The world is loaded with better coaches than Brown will ever become.

Look at this pic, the guys are like WTF is this guy talking about????

Kobe = I know Phil is gone but.....Really Jimmy Buss........this is what you give me???????????

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