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Default Re: Where do we stand?

Originally Posted by knickscity
Outside of Miami, I don't see a better squad in the East either.

They'll make it by default at worst case.
teams from last years playoffs

heat - improved (ray allen)

bulls - regressed (rose injury, gave up on their bench which was a huge part of their defense)
pacers - regressed (lost their starting pg, weak backcourt)
celtics - improved by a little margin, still beatable (keep in mind, ray allen always torched us at the end of games, so hes gone, just need to contain pierce)
magic-regressed (Dwight will be gone, lost anderson, will lose hedo or richardson along with dwight)
Sixers - regressed (lost brand, weak interior)


nets - new challenger for a playoff spot (cant say how good they are till season begins)
bucks - can also challenge for a spot

other teams need to surprise me (potential = wizards, cavs)

knicks, have improved their overall D at most positions, more depth, stronger pg play compared to last season

we should be somewhere at the top, no less than 3rd seed, anything less is just pure laziness of our players
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