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Default Re: Where do we stand?

As long as we're not 7th or 8th, I could care less about our seeding. I think, other than Miami, we can beat anyone in the playoffs as far as the East is concerned.

As for our team. As Bluechox said, I think we got slightly better and a lot of teams have gotten worse. (Although I disagree about the Pacers)

While I don't like the Kidd acquisition one bit, he's clearly better than Mike Bibby. I think Felton is as good, if not better than Lin RIGHT NOW. I think Douglas is gone. Camby, when healthy, is as good if not better than Chandler. Brewer is a better defender than Fields and probably fits our new identity more. Most importantly though, D'Antoni is GONE!!!

I think our defense will be better under Woodson. I think our chemistry will improve becase we have a training camp finally. And I expect our turnovers to take a huge dip with Baron and Jeremy gone.

Do I think we got significantly better over this summer? N. I do think we improve somewhat and some of the pernnial powerhouses took a step back. (Orlando, Chicago)
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