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Default Re: Is Michael Jordan the unanimous G.O.A.T on ISH?

In my opinion, all things considered, Jordan is the best ever.

- Russell won more rings, but had a team full of Hall of Famers around him. Meanwhile, while Russell might be the best leader and defender ever, he was a good but not great offensive player.

- Wilt was arguably the most dominant player ever but never truly grasped the team concept (except in 1967 and later with the Lakers).

- Kareem was outstanding but Wilt was better than him at defending and rebounding, while their offensive game was probably a tie (Kareem has the edge at the FT line).

- Magic Johnson was a phenomenal player - perhaps the second best player ever - but a mediocre defender.

- Same goes for Larry Bird.

- Finally, someone who hasn't been mentioned yet is Oscar Robertson, who many experts think is the best all-round player ever. However, his lack of team success as 'the man' hurts him, which he can't blame entirely on his teammates.

Meanwhile, Jordan is the greatest offensive player ever, best perimeter defender ever, possessed a killer instinct and was a proven winner.

Did anyone truly guarantee his team a championship to the same extent as Jordan did? Shaq is perhaps the only other player who was so far above his peers (in 2000-2003), but Shaq didn't have Jordan's uber-competitiveness and, therefore, failed to continue his run of dominance.

Did anyone ever really think the Bulls were going to lose in 1991, 1992, 1993, 1996, 1997 and 1998?

It wasn't even close.

Jordan's the best player ever.

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