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Default Re: Where do we stand?

Originally Posted by el gringos
Top 6 regular season ec team. Top 3 best team come playoffs.

Just so much good coaching to be done
-must start jr and Kidd in the backcourt- those 2 starting with Felton as 6th man is only way to maximize roster, but I could see taking the easy way out and putting Felton/brewer out there and making the game way harder on Carmelo and amare
-building amares value back up- this team is 1 amare trade away from. Sing real contenders. But can't trade him unless he shows he is a #1 scorer type.

jr needs to come off the bench with kidd cus you can t have trigger happy felton out there taking all the shots off the bench

atleast with kidd and Jr paired, you wont see any shot jacking, and kidd can find the right guy

felton in the starting lineup would have to get melo and amare theirs and he can help stretch the floor with his range
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