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Default Re: Is Michael Jordan the unanimous G.O.A.T on ISH?

Originally Posted by KG215
Give it a few weeks or months. kennethgriffin will start a "Kobe > Jordan" thread, then the other Kobe fanboys like AlphaWolf24, LakersReign, IronFist, DeuceBigalow, etc. will follow suit and defend him with arguments like "Jordan couldn't win without Scottie" and "Kobe won without Shaq by carrying Gasol and a hapless Lakers team to back-to-back titles in 2009 and 2010" Then AlphaWolf will come in saying "most people have have Kobe higher than Jordan" because he and a few other Kobetards rank him higher than Jordan.

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Good luck with all that, rg/kg215/stateofthunder(on real gm)/idefends/stateofmind

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