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Default Re: Is Michael Jordan the unanimous G.O.A.T on ISH?

Even though I think Jordan is the best ever, I have to correct you on a few things...

Originally Posted by gengiskhan
The Exact Definition of G.O.A.T:

One who transended the Game: Michael Jordan

One who was clearly bigger than the Game itself: Michael Jordan (isn't this the same thing as 'transcending' the game?)

One who is copied, immitated, aped, plagerized the most: Michael Jordan (could make a case here for Earl Monroe or Julius Erving, amongst others, although Jordan probably edges it)

One who re-invented the Game: Michael Jordan (Jordan didn't 'reinvent' the game - that honour would go to George Mikan whose dominance led to the introduction of the shot block, Hank Luisetti who introduced the one-handed shot, Elgin Baylor whose athleticism helped take the game airborne, or perhaps Wilt Chamberlain whose height and strength led to changes in the dimensions of the key, amongst others. They all changed the game more than Jordan did)

One who has the most professional individual records with least seasons played or missed seasons in his prime: Michael Jordan (I'm too lazy to look it up, but I'm pretty sure Wilt Chamberlain has more individual records - most points in a game, most rebounds in a game, highest ppg single season average, etc)

One who has the most individual accholades:Michael Jordan (it's spelled 'accolades'. Kareem has more MVP awards, numerous players have more All-NBA 1st Team awards, etc. Kareem wins this category).

One who got better as the competition got tougher (reg sea -> POs -> Finals): Michael Jordan

One whose STATs get better & better as game gets much more competitive (reg sea -> POs-> Finals): Michael Jordan

One whose all-time status gets bigger & better as he goes up the Ladder (High School -> NCAA -> NBA): Michael Jordan (The same is true of dozens of superstars)

One whose highlights are played over & over & seem never ending & never feel outdated ('80s or '90s or even '00): Michael Jordan (Same goes for Julius Erving, David Thompson and other gravity defying stars)

Michael Jordan is both Unanimous & consenses G.O.A.T. but if we desperately looking for runner up or "other than MJ" than its clearly Kareem. (Russell, Wilt, Magic and Bird give Kareem a run for his money)
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