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Default Re: Is Michael Jordan the unanimous G.O.A.T on ISH?

Originally Posted by WillC
Even though I think Jordan is the best ever, I have to correct you on a few things...

You have tried had to correct me but looks like you've dug yourself a bigger hole.

Jordan's highlights are never ending & doesn't seem dated unlike Dr. J etc etc

Jordan's "transcending" means game will never be played like before MJ. Dominant big men are not needed to win rings. Dominant front court is not needed to win the game. before MJ, Magic needed Kareem, Bird needed The Chief etc etc. After MJ, a franchise perimeter great is enough to build a dynasty. something unheard of despite Big Os jaw dropping triple double seasons.

Jordan "transcending" means post-MJ era, NBA desperation to bend the rules (No physical contact, no tough defense allowed) to turn kobe, AI, T-Mac, LBJ, Wade into GOAT. Its like bending the rules so that you can copy PERFECTION.

Jordan "bigger than the game" = Ali "bigger than the game". countries or even remote african tribes or country like India where Bball is never played knows "Michael Jordan" just like world knows "Ali". same cannot be said about bird, magic, kareem etc etc. MJ was clearly "the greatest of the greatest." There was never an argument.

You have many other errors in your post. I wont bother with it.
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