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Default Re: The Hangover III (2013)

Originally Posted by FatComputerNerd
Only serious D-bags didn't think The first one was hilarious, and don't LOVE Allan.

In any case, I've noticed over time that you're posts frequntly tend to be a$$hole-ish in general, so your douchebag-ness should come as no surprise I suppose.

PS, 6'ers suck.

Sixers do suck. Hopefully next time you reply to me you are aware that I'm not this overzealous, giddy Sixers fan who wears blinders. I'm not a Negadelphian but damn sure wouldnt try to sugar coat Sixers sucking. And by sucking they arent crap like Toronto, Detroit, Charlotte. They are mediocre and they probably play hard enough to make playoffs. I prefer a bad season but a team coached by Collins with a roster full of talent despite my rants on individual playerd? They are good enough to not be in position to draft top 3 in the lottery.

That said, where was I? Oh, talkin about a lame ass movie that fanboys like you find hilarious. Hangover wasnt that great. Is it worth seeing in movies? I'll give it a pass and say yes. So there, thats about the only you'll get from me. People who find that movie funny typically dont have a sense of humor I find funny. I call them...corny. Type of people who still think fart sounds are funny when you take your hand and place it in your armpit.

So go ahead and waste your time/money on Hangover 3 and defend another crappy "comedy".And no I dont miss Allan's forced humor. Shyt makes me cringe as did that movie.

P.S, Cava fan saying another team "sucks" is hilarious. Good job, good effort.
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