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Default Re: Where do we stand?

Originally Posted by Rameek
Your assessement was well thought out and reasonable as usual franchize... Not some just because stuff

Heat-Champs have the most physically gifted and talented player in the league. Ray will have many potentially open look.

Bulls-Although Rose will be out for extended time the team did perform well without him. CJ watson is gone.

Pacers-All major players back. DJ & Paul should make a good back court.

Celtics-Should be the 1st or 2nd seed. I mean Bradley back, Terry, Courtney, Jeff Green, Sullinger, Fab, this is what a good GM can do for a team plus getting healthy!(Bluechox2 dont know what in the world you talking about!)

Nets-Deron, Joe, Wallace, Lopez, CJ, Brooks, Humphries, Teletovic great pieces LEGIT! I really dont think it will take that long to mesh.

Orlando-As long as DHoward is there they are a contender!

Hawks-Minus Joe but Lou Will, Devin Harris should be playoff bound.

Philly-A little worse but a great coach can be respectable.

Bucks-Not much added but Moped should keep them around.

I cant see how Knick fans assume a top 5 spot. There is no evidence that Felton, Melo, Stat will be good together. If these 3 guys dont play well together the Knicks could barely make it in or not make it at all.

Even though the Knicks could get in by default because the landscape has changed drastically but it still comes down to Felton, Stat, Melo playing well together!

Anyone who disputes your last statement is a fool. I think everyone can agree on that part. But I see that and raise you 2 more important factors. I think Tyson and Amare meshing is an even more difficult conundrum. And I think our contributions from the sg position, while Shumpert is out, is key. If Brewer and JR can just give us something. Doesn't have to be great.

As for your evaluations,

Bulls-I'm curious as to why you don't think the Bulls will take a significant step back. I'll admit, I expect them to overachieve because of their great coaching. 2nd seed though? They not only lost CJ but they lost JL III. So essentially, they lost their 1st, 2nd AND 3rd string pg from last year. You have faith in Marquis Teague like that? I just don't know where the scoring will come from.

Pacers- DJ won't be starting. Hill will be, but DJ is a solid backup. I agree here

Orlando- I think they played well despite the drama simply because Howard played with pride and because Stan Van Gundy is a strong defensive mind. He's gone and I just to see a rookie head coach holding all that ego together... even if he's from a Popovich pedigree. I find it hard to believe Dwight finishes the season in a Magic uniform and lets face it, that team without him is basically the Hornets.

Hawks- I agree they're playoff bound but I think getting Devin Harris was a bad move for the development of Jeff Teague. I never liked Danny Ferry as a GM.He's the same guy who passed on getting Amare in his prime because he didn't want to trade JJ Hickson.

Bucks- As I said before, the key to their team relies on what they get from either Henson (thus being able to move Ilyasova to the 3) or Harris (thus having a strong SF to help Ilyasova who is slender in build)

Overall though, I agree with most of your assessments
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