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Default Re: 3rd Annual ISH Money League

Originally Posted by -p.tiddy-
damn, this year is looking grim

Marlo owes me a lot of money, I have been in contact with him and he keeps claiming that we will be all straightened up before this year starts though.

Dooms might not be in this year either...he still owes me the buy in from last season...he is short on time and cash these days

everyone owes me!!!

I'm in though

Who cares who owes you. You got plenty of cash. Just shut up. Besides one thing that is a fact? You'll never be broke with the amount of people owing you money.

"well those people who owe havent paid so when im broke what makes u think they will pay me then?"

Because you'll be a chairty case by then.

Are we still gonna do our money bet? I wont stiff you, I paid plenty of offline bets with posters. For confirmation ask Kblaze. Ok I didnt give him the $50, but the payment he recieved was classic on all levels (cost more than $50). I wouldnt go that route with you tho. But wouldnt be mad if something hilarious was done in return.
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