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Default Fantasy Advice

OK, so I've been offered a deal and need some advice on if I should consider it.

In our league we have 14 teams, 2 keeper players each and 15 rounds in the draft

From my team last season I kept Cam Newton and Aaron Rodgers and I have the 8th pick in the draft.

I have been offered Gronk or Adrian Peterson plus the 54th (4th round) and the 179th (13th round) pick for Rodgers and the 75th (6th round) and 103rd (8th round) picks.

So by keeping Newton and picking up Gronk as a TE or AP as my RB for Rodgers, would I be selling myself short and should I ask for more in the deal or should I ask for a higher 2nd pick(9th or 10th round) and offer a lower 2nd pick in return?

I'm mulling it over but I'm not leaning towards agreeing to it, I think I could get better, any advice appreciated.
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